Vitaldent clinics

Vitaldent a business without scruples or ethics.

Please!, Before putting in the hands of clinical Vitaldent, finding a good dentist or a reputable clinic do not play with your health.


At the time of entry forms a theatrical performance in which you discuss what evil than these, you get scared in the body, you are advised thereupon solutions and you go to commercial payment facilities and financial proposal, studied all the most important thing is to make a good business.

After analyzing the situation, you realize that behind all this racket you find entrepreneurs who mounted a clinic with the sole intention of profiting from the fastest possible regardless of the patients nor the profession, nursing is just a business Vitaldent unscrupulous. Professionals working is Vitaldent clinics must be subjected to the same rules, so it may be normal to some doctors found undesirable, or that put discipline Vitaldent marked by the clinic (the profit) to the professionalism and ethics, without any ties to their jobs or their wages which patients could be categorized as mercenaries of medicine. And behind all this who hides? Vitaldent! A business with brand, which promote and advertise its affiliates to provide customers necessary for them to obtain benefits regardless of millionaires how to get them. Vitaldent is not a clinic, there are dentists, it's just a business without scruples or ethics.

Vitaldent a danger to public health

Reasons for this website:

After suffering the bad practices of Vitaldent I began to search the Internet, which is Vitaldent, and what is the opinion of people on Vitaldent, and I have been appalled by the number of cases of abuse, assaults, complaints, malpractice and so on. by Vitaldent to citizens, and these represent only a tiny fraction of all people who suffer in silence anonymous unreported. The conclusion is that Vitaldent not work and is a danger to public health from the Spanish, from here claim to the relevant administration to take appropriate action.

When we read the cases cited in the story online only observe the events, but we forget that behind these are people, people with feelings, people suffering, people who see his life cut short only by greed and lust for money some unscrupulous employers.

With these lines just trying to contribute my bit to sue Vitaldent, not by me, either for the hundreds of anonymous people who have been victims of Vitaldent, but if it's worth fighting for hundreds of people / Spanish who may be victims of Vitaldent in the future.

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